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This portfolio website has been developed by Henry van Arem. Henry started his hobby photography with a Canon 1000D and a basic 18-200mm lens. Later on Henry bought more equipment to support his interest and to try out new things. (More information needed)

Henry began to learn all the theory and technical aspects of photography and tries to reflect that into this photos. Macro, nice DoF (Depth of Field), very long exposure photos, panning shots and the rule of thirds. You will find the examples on the portfolio page. The website is a nice place to share the photos. Creation of the website started in 2011. It’s designed in such a way that photos are given the most space and to view the photo in highest resolution possible.

The viewing experience is at it’s optimal on every device as it doesn’t matter if you visit the website on your mobile, tablet or on your desktop. The website will scale automatically to match your device. This means that the site will be friendly for the mobile and tablet visitors. Give it a try and resize the browser!


The website has been setup in a few areas. Galleries from events separated by days, this can be seen on the index Gallery page. The galleries are split by year. These photos are a selection made by Henry van Arem. Some photos might appear on the portfolio gallery as well. The portfolio gallery is the overall gallery to show the best of the best photos of henry.vanarem.nl.

The website has also a Facebook fan page which can be found there: VanAremPhotography. Later on a fan page will be also created on Google Plus.


My photos will have a small copyright located on the bottom right hand corner. On the contact page you can ask question about the photos or ordering them. If you want to use my photos elsewhere make sure to include a link to my website.